Transforms And Partial Differential Equations

  • To introduce Fourier series analysis which is central to many applications in engineering apart from its use in solving boundary value problems
  • To acquaint the student with Fourier transform techniques used in wide variety of situations.
  • To introduce the effective mathematical tools for the solutions of partial differential equations that model several physical processes and to develop Z transform techniques for discrete time systems.
  • CS630145 PERIODS

    Programming And Data Structures - II

  • Be familiar with the C++ concepts of abstraction, encapsulation, constructor, polymorphism, overloading and Inheritance.
  • Learn advanced nonlinear data structures.
  • Be exposed to graph algorithms
  • Learn to apply Tree and Graph structures
  • CS630245 PERIODS

    Database Management Systems

  • To expose the students to the fundamentals of Database Management Systems.
  • To make the students understand the relational model.
  • To familiarize the students with ER diagrams.
  • To expose the students to SQL.
  • To make the students to understand the fundamentals of Transaction Processing and Query Processing.
  • To familiarize the students with the different types of databases.
  • To make the students understand the Security Issues in Databases
  • CS630345 PERIODS

    Computer Architecture

  • To make students understand the basic structure and operation of digital computer.
  • To understand the hardware-software interface.
  • To familiarize the students with arithmetic and logic unit and implementation of fixed point and floating-point arithmetic operations.
  • To expose the students to the concept of pipelining.
  • To familiarize the students with hierarchical memory system including cache memories and virtual memory.
  • To expose the students with different ways of communicating with I/O devices and standard I/O interfaces.
  • CS6304 45 PERIODS

    Analog and Digital Communication

  • Understand analog and digital communication techniques.
  • Learn data and pulse communication techniques.
  • Be familiarized with source and Error control coding.
  • Gain knowledge on multi-user radio communication.
  • GE635145 PERIODS

    Environmental Science And Engineering

  • To finding and implementing scientific, technological, economic and political solutions to environmental problems.
  • To study the interrelationship between living organism and environment
  • To appreciate the importance of environment by assessing its impact on the human world; envision the surrounding environment, its functions and its value.
  • To study the dynamic processes and understand the features of the earth‟s interior and surface
  • To study the integrated themes and biodiversity, natural resources, pollution control and waste management.
  • IT6311 45 PERIODS

    Programming And Data Structure Laboratory - II

  • Be familiarized with good programming design methods, particularly Top- Down design.
  • Getting exposure in implementing the different data structures using C++
  • Appreciate recursive algorithms.
  • IT6312 45 PERIODS

    Database Management Systems Laboratory

  • Learn to create and use a database
  • Be familiarized with a query language
  • Have hands on experience on DDL Commands
  • Have a good understanding of DML Commands and DCL commands
  • Familiarize advanced SQL queries.
  • Be Exposed to different applications
  • IT6313 45 PERIODS

    Digital Communication Laboratory

  • TThe purpose of this lab is to explore digital communications with a software radio to understand how each component works together. The lab will cover, analog to digital conversion, modulation, pulse shaping, and noise analysis.
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